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Services Guide

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Relaxation Massage

A light and gentle touch massage to help ease you into a state of peaceful relaxation. This may be done dressed, loosely clothed or skin-to-skin with lotions or oils.
60 min. ($75) / 90 min. ($105) / 120 min. ($140)

Therapeutic Massage

A deep therapeutic massage designed to relieve or eliminate ongoing or traumatic pain. This massage is most effective when done in a series of sessions, which may be coordinated with physical therapy, focusing on specific areas of the body.
60 min. ($75) / 90 min. ($105) / 120 min. ($140)

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage helps relax mother and baby, and can be done during all stages of pregnancy.   It can relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good.  Therapists specifically tailor prenatal massage to the needs of pregnant women at all stages to accommodate their needs and changing bodies
60 min. ($75 / 90 min. ($105)

Massage Package of 3

Choose from relaxation, therapeutic or prenatal massage.
60 min each (3 for $210)

Hot Stone Massage

Water-treated stones are placed at specific sites on the client’s body to promote relaxation and to help open up the meridians (energy pathways). Muscles are pretreated with the heated stones to allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations. Cool stones are sometimes used alternately with hot stones. Massage oils are usually incorporated into the massage treatment.
60 min. ($95) / 90 min. ($125) / 120 min. ($160)

Deep Tissue

60 min- $80
90 min-$110
120 min- $145

Acupressure Shiatsu

60 min- $80
90 min-$110
120 min- $145

Reiki and Reflexology

60 min- $75
90 min-$105
120 min-$140