To Create or Consume

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109To Create or Consume

Every day we have the new opportunity to either be a creator or a consumer. Specifically, are we accessing our greatest gift in which the seeds of anything in our lives are first planted – our ability to create? We can create an intention, a decision to feel good, and a new story of how we will live our life today – or choose to consume all of the ideas and stories told already created by others around us. Each day is a new beginning where if we choose to, we can create a new experience to feel good. Creating is nothing more than tuning into your heart center and asking yourself what it is you desire, then showing up fully for that. Out of desire there is an impulse for creation. Creating is forward moving into what we will be experiencing and feeling in our near or distant future – living in yesterday or regret or fear also creates more of that in which you continue to experience if that’s where your thoughts dwell often. It may be as simple as cleaning out your living or work space – creating beauty and clarity, it may be creating time to smile and laugh with someone – creating love and connection, or even simply creating a morning ritual of meditation or journaling – creating peace and a higher level of self care. Creating is what we do whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously – therefore I encourage you to step up fully in your life and create what is most meaningful to you and will bring you the most joy.

Sheryl Corriveau is a holistic health coach for women at the State of Grace Wellness Center, and also runs a Pilates personal training studio in Uxbridge, MA. To take your life to the next level or receive more support on health and wellness, visit  and sign up for email updates.

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